Thought Makers

A Company Born from Digital Disruption

In 2011 Stuart Milligan experienced first hand that many industries had already succumbed to Digital Disruption. Enterprises were scrambling to emulate successes of companies such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Uber, Ebay with digital strategies of their own, and meet up to the levels of customer experience offered by these Digital Disrupters.

Most organizations are struggling with the complexity and overhead of managing legacy systems and processes, and hope that their long running and costly legacy modernization projects will somehow produce digital business at the end.

Thought Makers was formed in the “Cloud of digital disruptors” to reverse this failing approach. The objectives for the company are clear: “Help companies achieve their Digital Business objectives, with an end-to-end partner who covers the required education, strategy, products and skills.

Stuart Milligan
Managing Director

Stuart moved from engineering and operations management in manufacturing into pure software development and consulting in the 1990's. The ability to understand key business requirements and convert these into technology and products, has underpinned his work since.

From 1998 Stuart joined Databorough as a modernization architect. Eventually becoming a principal of of the company, Stuart spent the next 15 years growing the company to ultimately a recognized leader and global provider with a product and services portfolio covering analysis and automation of Enterprise Application Modernization.

Databorough was acquired by Fresche Legacy in 2013, at which time Stuart's role was developing modernization strategies with clients, and the project management and product design for implementation of those goals. Databorough's clients included Fortune 500 companies, global IBM Integrated Software Vendors and IBM Global services. Stuart continues top consult back to Fresche Legacy in this role, but focusses primarily on building out Thought Makers protfolio and client base

Over the last two decades, Stuart has been co-author of two IBM Redbooks on IBM Midrange systems modernization and application engineering, speaker at various conferences in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America, and author of numerous technical and management articles in technology for business.

Jan Lewis
Senior Digital Consultant

Jan Lewis is a certified and experienced specialist in integration technologies, solutions and architectures including Service Orientated Architecture and Enterprise Architecture, the fundamental building blocks of a digital business community.

Jan’s over 16 years of experience in design, implementation and support of enterprise IT projects in fortune 500 companies, ensure he leads innovation and solution design from the front at Though Makers and at clients around the world.

Jan is a lecturer and taught many enterprise companies how to digitize and integrate large systems all over the world making them cloud and digital ready for their future endeavors. Based in South Africa and working with leading European Banks and Insurance companies he transforms, integrates and accelerate technology for digital business.

Jan often teaches at a high level but manages to still get involved with product and technology at a detailed design level.

Some of Jan’s products, designs and developments include:

  • Thought Makers products Xray for Legacy database scanning security compliance patterns

  • Digital Business product EIF (Enterprise Integration Framework) for exposing and integrating Legacy System environments using industry open standards SOAP and REST for cloud, Internet-of-Things (IOT) and open platform connectivity.

  • Various digital services implementations at Banking, Insurance, Health Care and Retail industries in South Africa and Europe

Whether training/consulting at client sites, or mentoring staff to his high standard, Jan's calm and thoughtful disposition is a great asset to Thought Makers and clients alike.