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By 2011 many industries had already succumbed to Digital Disruption. Enterprises were scrambling to emulate successes of companies such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Uber, Ebay with digital strategies of their own, and meet up to the levels of customer experience offered by these Digital Disrupters.

Most organizations are struggling with the complexity and overhead of managing legacy systems and processes, and hope that their long running and costly legacy modernization projects will somehow produce digital business at the end.

ThoughtMakers Limited was formed in the “Cloud of digital disruptors” to reverse this failing approach. The objectives for the company are clear: “Help companies achieve their Digital Business objectives, with an end-to-end partner who covers the required education, strategy, products and skills.

Enterprise Integration Framework (EIF) is our flagship product, designed to help companies solve these problems with technology.

Jan Lewis
Technical Director

Jan Lewis is a certified and experienced specialist in integration technologies, solutions and architectures including Web Security, Service Orientated Architecture & Enterprise Architecture.

Based in the UK, Jan has over 16 years of experience in design, implementation and support of enterprise integration and infrastructure security projects for digital business, and works with leading European Banks and Insurance companies, around the world.